Trappy, Pully and pushy
Books , Children's story / July 30, 2016

Title: Trappy, Pully and pushy. Edition: Paperback Size: 32 pages Language : English Genre: Children’s fiction. Release date :  28 February, 2015. ISBN : 978-0-9930417-2-3 Trappy, Pully and Pushy illustrates a happy outlook to life which resonates with children . A tale of three opposite friends, each with his own personality and temperament, yet they will find a way to get along very well. What is fascinating is how they can’t do without each other. Trappy, the smarty small funny monkey wakes up early in the morning, seeing the bright sun, knows it’s a beautiful day after all’. In his boisterous manner, he jumps off to go get his friends. At each point, their difference shows, at the same time bringing out the fun bits of their friendship. There, adventure begins.

Our world in metaphors by Prince Ezem Ihenacho

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